The Music Club


Music club is a club aimed at making the environment of Deerwalk a much more fun and entertaining with the help of music. The club was founded in 2013 by a group of students of DWIT and has come a long way since its establishment. The club currently consists of 7 members who are great musical enthusiasts. It is a club full of creative ideas and a desire to stand out of the crowd with its unique activities.

The club members for 2016/2017 are: Pallavi Ghimire, Awaaz Shrestha, Tejas Pant, Alon Shrestha, Osheen Shrestha, Shibesh Duwadi(Vice President) and Bishal Timalsina (President)

The activities of the club include: Guitar Sessions, where the club shares its musical knowledge by teaching musical instruments to keen learners; Raw Rhythms, an unplugged sessions where artists can showcase their talent and provide the audience with a lovely evening; Open Mic, an open live music show where any one can come in front and sing their hearts out along with the crowd and Awaaz, an online open music competition for artists wanting to gain exposure.

Club Vision


Club Mission

As the name suggest Music Club the clubs’ vision is to help and encourage students with the music related activities and events. Various events like Musical workshops, Jam sessions, Competitions are conducted targeting to the develop and refine the skills of each students interested in the music.

The Music Club | 2021 - 2022


Aishwarya Thapa

Vice President

Amol Timsina



Sarthak Singh  Arashi Gautam  Swikriti Suwal  Aayush Ghimire  Nirnaya Dangol 
The Music Club | 2020 - 2021


Shrijal Khanal

Vice President

Srijan pyakural



Aishwarya Thapa  Utsav Pokhrel  Ayush Shrestha  Prarambhika Khadka  Sudip Regmi