The Social Service Club


The Social Service is one of the active clubs in DWIT established with an aim to involve students of DWIT in social service. It was established in 2013 with a group of people who were interested to contribute to society. The main motto of the club is to make students aware about their social responsibilities. From the establishment phase of the club, it has been trying to help the society through different activities.

Club Vision

The club plans to stand out with its activities. We want to contribute as much as we can to the society. Moreover, we want to encourage the students of DWIT to get involved in social service activities and realize the responsibility towards the community.


Club Mission

The mission of the club is to help the society in whichever way we can; to concentrate on all those small factors which we have ignored due to various reasons but which makes a big impact in people’s life. We aim to bring everyone together for betterment, because we believe, “Together, We can.”


Mallika Bhattarai


Kusal Bista

Vice President

Sunita kunwar


Siddhartha Giri, Isha Shrestha, Bishesh Katwal, Bhawana Yadav, Aishwarya Sapkota,