The DWIT News Club


The DWIT News Club is responsible for taking care of the DWIT News site. The club updates the site with a new issue every Monday at 5 p.m. and spends the rest of the week holding meetings and discussing the new ideas that can be introduced into the site or the articles that the site contains. The club currently consists of 17 dedicated members with 2 co-editors in chief, 4 editors and 11 reporters, each concentrated on a specific category.

Club Vision

The club aims to turn the DWIT News site into an officially recognized e-news site. That is, it aims to improve the visit count of the site by bringing positive changes to the category and content of the articles, the look and feel of the site, and by introducing new features like video interviews, documentaries, thought-provoking pictures and so forth.

Put Simply,
• High visit count
• High daily time on site of every reader
• Increasing comments and feedback

Club Mission

• Introduce new tweaks into the site and genre of articles periodically
• Entertain people through international and local news which are interesting but overlooked in context of Nepal
• Provide people access to not only text-based news, but also video/picture based news.


Nikita Gautam


Sushil Awale

Vice President

Sagar Shrestha


Akankshya Shrestha, Shreya Sapkota, Avina Nakarmi, Moon Shrestha, Giriraj Khatri, Maunta Rani Gautam, Shrayash Shrestha, Aishwarya Sapkota, Samrajya Shrestha, Simran Parajuli, Shreejan pandey, Shubham Joshi, Tsering Finjo Sherpa, Pallavi Ghimire,