The Deerwalk Literature Society


Connecting Literature with Information Technology

DWIT Literature Club comprises of the individuals who love literature. There are no anyboundaries for a specific category that we work on. Poems, drama, puppetry, books, etc. whateverthat falls we go for it, by helping students to showcase themselves.

We conduct various programs that influence the people around through literature. Our primarygoal is to give exposure to students so that they explore the best in the field of literature. Webelieve that speaking, writing and way of presenting things matter most in today’s time. Thus, we would call this club is a common package including all those sorts.

Club Vision

The Book Club wants to be top club. For that we are guided through, teaching simple reading habits of reading and writing. Also, motivating everyone to share the experience of the book club.


Club Mission

To develop writing skills, reading habits, interaction capabilities and critical analysis.


Prakriti Shree Tuladhar


Aadesh Dhakal

Vice President

Pranjal Pandey


Robin Tiwari, Sudarshan Dhakal, Nischal Badal, Simran Parajuli, Surjana Joshi,