The Spotlight


The Spotlight is one of the eleven clubs in DWIT, which is engaged in conducting light-hearted programmes such as talk shows, podcasts and debates. It was started with the intention of getting to know the people we are surrounded by within the Deerwalk premises, but has expanded to guests outside Deerwalk too in about one year of its formation.

Club Vision

The Spotlight is an interactive media based club not only focusing on creating exciting and fun contents but also on providing opportunities for people who are willing to learn and enhance their various skills. The club focuses on improving their existing shows while adding new programmes and sessions for its audience.

Club Mission

Bringing people together’. The Spotlight has been successful in its sole aim of bringing people together whether as guests or participants in one of its various shows or as dedicated members who share this belief and bring creative ideas to life through their hard work.


Pallavi Ghimire


Shubham Joshi

Vice President

Srajesh Tuladhar


Sanjana koirala, Sriya Mainali, Subekshya karki, Pradeepti Aryal, Sandesh Sapkota, Sujan Adhikari,