The Documentary and Movie Club


The documentary and movie club’s sole aim is to be able to provide some form of entertainment as well as information to the students through movies, every two weeks and provide information through documentaries.

The Documentary and Movie Club – 2016/2017

Members (from left to right)

Suyog Shrestha, Babin Karki, Albin Lamichhane, Jubin KC,
Absentees: Bimal Thapa, Abhishek Khatiwada (President), Dipal Malla (Vice President), Sulav Prasain

The Documentary and Movie Club – 2015/2016

Members (from left to right)

 Bimal Thapa (Vice-President), Subin Tha Shrestha, Bimal Gaire (Mentor), Rojina Karki (President), Babin Karki, Shrijal Kaphle

The Documentary and Movie Club – 2014/2015

Members (from left to right)

Anil Khand, Susant Shrestha,Rojina Karki (Vice-President), Mohan Singh Bomrel (President), Ayush Manandhar

Club Vision

The clubs wants to efficiently be able to show mind-enlightening documentaries as well as entertaining movies. Also conduct many events which are very entertaining and fun, so that every student is excited and always interested in participating in our events. We also want to be a club that resonates with the interests of the students, so that the students can relate with the club and make even more students stay back and enjoy some entertaining movies. The club also wants to conduct some movie related quiz sooner rather than later.

Club Mission

Studying five days a week can be very hard and monotonous to the students. So, the documentary and movie club aims to eliminate that, through the movie show to help ever student have a great start to the weekend. They can all just relax and spend some time with their friends and enjoy a movie. Students can forget all the stress and just relax for a few hours. The club also aims to show interesting and inspiring documentaries and provide some sort of information through these documentaries.

The Documentary and Movie Club – 2013/2014
Members (from left to right)Ravi Adkhikari, Bimal Gaire (President), Mohan Singh Bomrel (Vice-President), Abhusan Gautam