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TITLE  E.C.A. Experience Sharing
VENUE The Gandaki Hall
DATE 25 September, 2015
COORDINATOR The DeerExpress Club
GUESTS Pratik Joshi
 PHOTOS BY   Yunish Shakya
REPORT BY Barsha Dahal

On September 25th, the DeerExpress Club conducted a talk program in which Pratik Joshi, Principal Software QA Engineer at Deerwalk Inc was invited to share his life experience with the students of DWIT. He was actually invited by the club on 24th September for ECA session but due to some problem this program was postponed for Friday. It was followed by DeerExpress Session. Pratik Joshi has completed his bachelors degree in Electronics and Communications from IOE, Pulchowk Campus. He completed his masters in information technology from Tampere University of Technology. He has also worked as a software engineer in D2Hawkeye from 2008 to 2011. He worked as a Vice President Talent Management (AIESEC in Finland).

He was very active and funny throughout his speech. He shared his ideas on different topics like application procedure in Finnish universities and a little bit about Finland also. When he had gone to Finland, he faced many difficulties. The differences in culture made him frustrated at early days. But slowly he began to adapt that differences.Then there was not a single day, he hadn’t enjoyed. He share some facts. Most of the people in Finland are involved in technical aspects and the games like Angry Birds, Hill Climbing, etc. were built by Finnish companies. Nokia used to be the reason of pride for Finland as it was most sold cellphone. But before some years, its demand has been very low and Finland is facing problems due to this till today.

He also pointed out few differences between Nepal and Finland. In Finland student value the knowledge rather than the grades. This is not practically implemented within the mind of Nepalese students and Nepalese Education system. The next difference was quite amazing. In Finland women are respected a lot. He also said that hospitals of Finland were one of the best places to give birth. Women are not harassed there as woman’s right comes first in Finland. Overall the session was very interesting, attention grabbing and motivational at the same time.

Pratik Joshi Sharing his Experince with DWIT Students

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