The Software Club­ – MEETING

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TITLE: The Software Club MEETING

DATE: 07/29/2015

TIME: 2:30 2:55 PM


Biplav Shrestha, Yashin Shekh, Munmun Shrestha,Subigya Kumar Nepal,Bishan Bhandari,Bikash



Manish Dangi, Abhishek Gupta


• Discussion on the technical tools

• Discussion on the skill of the Deercoder members.


• This meeting is successfully conducted by the vi ce president of the software club Subigya

Kumar Nepal. He focused on the importance of the programming languages which are mostly used

for the web framework development and mobile application development. He mainly focused on

the scripting languages i.e javascript, JsNode, Jquery. The vice president explain how the scripting

languages synchronizes with client and server side. Additionally he added these languages will

gradually evolve and will be the dominating language of the web browsers.

• The vice president ask each of the member about their passion. Some member of the club are

interested in design and database whereas other members are keen on scripting languages like

javascript and python. He shows a lot of interest on developing the skills of the club members to a

new pinnacle . He said he will be helping if someone needs help from him.

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