Futsal Tournament League Phase

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Day 1


Game – 1

Budha FC VS  Linux FC

         It was the first game of the tournament. Everybody was excited to watch opening game of the tournament. It was an exciting game as it was a close game. First goal of the tournament was scored by Sushant Gurung and it was the only goal that led Budha FC to get 3 points.

Final Score: Budha FC [1 – 0] Linux FC

Game 2

Spartans VS Garden FC

          This was one of the most one sided match of the tournament. Total 10 goals were scored within 20 minutes. 9 of them were scored by Spartans and one goal was scored by garden FC. Anish Thakuri scored the first goal of the match. The highest scorer of the tournament Suman Thapa scored 5 goals and a Hat trick was scored by Krishna Chauhan. The only goal for the Garden FC was scored by their captain Muskan Lamsal.

Final Score: Spartans[9 – 1] Garden FC

Game 3

Pandas VS Lama FC

         Lama FC are in there first match and they are looking weak on paper comparing with other team. Pandas are looking stronger from beginning of the match. SayalVaidhya scores to give first lead to pandas. Dipesh Bhandari was looking in great form and scores second hat trick of the tournament. Lama FC has played defensive gave but they couldn’t succeed when Sumit Shrestha scores and made the score line  5-0. Overall the game was one-sided.

Final Score: Pandas FC [5 – 0] Lama FC


Game 4

Barbarian VS Budha FC

          Both team looked pretty strong on paper. Both were fierce in the pitch too. It was the great come back game in the league. First of all Budha FC has dominated the field. Sushantgururng was seen in great form. He scores third hat trick of the tournament. The first half score was 3-0 but the Barbarian has done great comeback to win the game. The “Man of Power” prabinrai shines to gives the victory to Barbarian FC. Barbarian FC win the vital game with 5-3 score in which prabinrai scores twice and Bidurbanstola , Subin Shrestha and Ronit Pradhan added one –one goal to the score.

Final Score: Barbarian [5 – 3] Budha FC

Game 5

Spartans VS Linux FC

         Next clash was between fierce Spartan FC who were looking good in every game and Linux FC. Captain Shankar Koirala was solely carrying his team on his back. He seemed to be severely injured. But the injury did not stopped him to score the opening goal. Long time passed and it seemed like Linux FC bagged a victory with a low charge from Captain Shankar. But fate had something else in store, Alan Khadka leveled the game with a screamer half way from the pitch.  It followed by two individual goals from Krishna Chauhan and Ashish Lamichhane. The table turned and Spartan FC left the pitch with sweet 3 points after a 3-1 win.

Final Score: Spartans FC [3 – 1] Linux FC

Game 6

Garden FC VS Pandas

          Both team looked pretty strong on paper. Both were fierce in the pitch too. Misunderstanding between Garden FC defenders and keeper Aswin Aryal lead to an open chance. And witty Sumit Shrestha just happened to clinch that chance putting his team 1-0 ahead in score sheet. An astounding volley from Dipesh Bhandari struck the woodwork and it gave rise to a controversy. But both referee and linesmen denied the goal and the game carried on. However, next time Dipesh Bhandari fired a thunderbolt and it found the net. Pandas won the game 2-0 convincingly.

Final Score: Pandas [2- 0] Garden FC

Game 7

Barbarian VS Lama FC

The match was very interesting one. Barbarians had won their previous match so they were high on confidence but unfortunately they could not build their momentum. LAMA FC had lost bitterly against the PANDAS by 5 goals to 0 so they desperately needed this win to reach the semis. The only goal of the match was scored by Roshan Basnet of Lama FC which was the decider. So the match ended with the score 0-1, LAMA FC snatching the three points.

Final Score: Barbarian [0 – 1] Lama FC

Game 8


          Team Spartans had won their previous two matches quite comfortably with a convincing score of 9-1 and 3-1 against GARDEN FC and LINUX FC respectively. Their top scorer Suman Thapa was gaining more confidence which is reflected quite well in this match with 4 goals in his name. On the other hand BUDHA FC had won one and lost one match so needed this win to make their semi-final hope more secure but failed to do so against the energetic SPARTANS.

Final Score: Spartans [5 – 1] Budha FC

Game – 9

Garden FC VS Linux FC

          This Game was the last game for both respective teams of day one. Both team hadn’t won any of their last two games. It was a deciding game for both teams to remain in the tournament. It was an intense game but captain of Garden FC Muskan scored the only goal of the game. Final Score was Garden FC 1-0 Linux FC.

Final Score: Garden FC [1 – 0] Linux FC

Game 10

Pandas VS Barbarian

          Pandas FC with a two wins in a row were looking confident. Barbarian were there to win and their captain Prabin scored a goal for them. Dipesh scored for Pandas to make it 1-1. Then Sumit scored to make it 2-1 for pandas. Subin scored for Barbarian to make it 2-2. But Barbarian could not keep up and Pratik, captain of Pandas scored 2 golas and the game ended 4-2.

Final Score: Pandas [4 – 2] Barbarian

Game 11

Budha FC VS Lama FC

          The game was expected to be in control of Budha FC but Lama FC played well and kept the game in control. Anil captain of Lama FC scored first 2 goals and the Prajjwal added 2 more goals to make it 4-0. In the last minutes of the game Sanjeev, captain of Budha FC scored a goal. The game ended 1-4.

Final Score: Budha FC [1 – 4] Lama FC


Day 2

Game 1

Linux FC VS Pandas

          The game started as usual. First game was full of energy. As Linux FC needed a win to keep up their hope for semi-final. First goal was scored by Dipesh for Pandas. Then Sankar made it 1-1. Linux played with full strength and lead by 2-1 through Prayush’s goal. Sumit made it 2-2 again. The game was neck to neck, the keeper of Linux Gaurab kept the scorline steady by saving lots of shots. Then Shankar scored for Linux and they kept the game under control and won the game.

Final Score: Pandas [2 – 3] Linux FC

Game 2

Spartans VS Barbarian

          The second game kick off pretty well. Spartans won all three games on 1st day and were confident too. Suman scored first goal for Spartans then Bidur scored for Barbarian and made it 1-1. Suman scored again to make 2-1. Barbarian tried hard and made it 2-2 by Subin’s goal. In the last minutes of the game Alan scored for Spartans and the game ended 3-2 in the favour of Spartans.

Final Score: Spartans [3 – 2] Barbarian

Game 3

Garden FC VS Lama FC

          The game was slow as Lama FC was trying to park the bus and play counter attack only. Sanjay tried his luck from the distance and scored for Garden. The game was interesting when Prajwal scored for Lama FC to make it 1-1 and then he again scored to make it 2-1 for Lama FC. The game was about to end and then Muskan scored in the last second of the game to make it 2-2.

Final Score: Garden FC [2 – 2] Lama FC

Game 4

Budha FC VS Pandas

          Pandas player with a loss needed to prove the other teams that they are strong. They kept the game in control. Sumit scored a hat-trick for Pandas and Dipesh scored a goal for Pandas to make it 4-0 in favour of Pandas.

Final Score: Budha FC [4 – 0] Pandas

Game 5

Linux FC VS Barbarian

          Both of the teams with 3 points each needed a win to move a step forward for 2nd round. Linux controlled the game. Captain of Linux Sankar scored first two goals to make it 2-0. Then Prayush scored for Linux to secure 3 points for Linux.

Final Score: Linux FC [3 – 0] Barbarian

Game 6

Spartans VS Lama FC

          Spartans with a confident entered the ground. Lama FC needed at least a draw to get a step closer to second round. Suman scored 2 goals for Spartans and made it 2-0. Anil, the captain of Lama FC scored 2 goals on his own to make it 2-2 and the game ended as a draw.

Final Score: Spartans  [2 – 2] Lama FC

Game 7

Budha FC VS Garden FC

           Both of them needed a win to secure place in the 2nd round. Sujan scored for Budha FC. The game was in control of Garden FC players asKinar scored a hat-trick for Garden FC and made it 3-1. Sanjeev, the captain of Budha saved most of the shorts and in the last minute of the game Bimal Thapa scored a goal for Garden FC. Garden FC won the game by 4-1.

Final Score: Budha FC [1 – 4] Garden FC

Game 8

Linux FC VS Lama FC

               So close to qualifying stage, both team were looking forward to salvage a win. More than a team fight the game looked like battle between two captains Shankar Koirala and Anil Lama. Both proud captain gave their all. Bombardments were thrown from Linux FC one after another but all went in futile. Linux FC needed to win that match in order to go forward to the next round. They were trying desperately to carry their team to a lead. Parking the Bus was the only thing Lama FC has managed so far. But late in the game, Anil Lama launched a counter attack and managed to clinch victory for his side with a sublime weak foot shot. Linux FC who had a good run that day had a bitter defeat in store.

Final Score: Linux FC [0- 1] Lama FC

Game 9

Spartans VS Pandas

                   The two teams with most wins were head to head. Spartans were unbeaten. Suman scored 4 goals for Spartans. Krishna with a hat-trick and Ashish with 2 goals made 10 goals for Spartans whereas Bimal Gaire scored the only goal for Pandas. And the game ended as 10-1.

Final Score: Pandas [1 -10] Spartans

Game 10

Barbarian FC VS Garden FC

                   It was the last game of the league stage of the tournament.  Both the teams were not under pressure as the teams that will qualify for the semifinals were already decided. The game was just a formality. The first goal of the game was scored by Prabin Rai whose team were sure to be out of the completion. Rakesh Shrestha scored 3 goals consecutively and made the score 3-1. BimalThapa made all 3 assists. 2 goals were scored by Sanjay Rimal that made the score line 5-1.


Final Score: Barbarian [1 – 5] Garden FC

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