Futsal Tournament Team Division

Published on: Sep 02 2015 by Administrator

TITLE: DWIT Futsal Team Division 

Date: 21st august 2015

Venue: Room no  303

Participants: Sumit Shrestha, Prajjwal Sthapit , Muskan Lamsal, Bidur Bastola, Gaurab Thapa, Bimal Thapa, Sushant Chitrakar, Sandesh Acharya, Rakesh Shrestha, Prabin, Shankhar, Suman, Pratik, Anil, Sanjeev


DWIT sports club held a meeting for division of team for upcoming futsal tournament that is going to be held soon. In this meeting team captain picked whom they wanted to have in his team. The lottery was picked by the president of sports club according to which the selection was done. There are seven team with respective captains. Players were divided in 7 team with respective captains. Also there was division of two girls futsal team. Girls team was chosen on a random basics.