THE BOOK CLUB “Weekly Discussions” (Session #14)

Published on: Aug 16 2015 by Administrator

DATE: August 16, 2015

TIME: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

LOCATION: 2016 – Section B

PARTICIPANTS: Rojan Maharjan ,Suraj Regmi, Umesh Dhungana, Nisha

Dhungana, Ashish Khanal, Shreha Regmi, Nirmal K.C, Shibesh Duwadi, , Sunil Lamsal

ABSENTEES: Sachin Aryal, Nikita Gautam, Rohit Bajimaya

REPORTED BY: Umesh Dhungana

This week’s discussion session was interesting as all of the participants shared their personal experience and view towards love. We argued on the view presented by Author Erich Fromm in “The Art of Loving”. Fromm has explained love by categorizing it as conditional and unconditional (Fatherly and Motherly) love. He has explained the difference between mature and immature love in convincing way. This session was too interactive. All of the participants were eager to share their views on love. Some of the participants were convinced by the points presented by author and some were not. It was really fun to be the part of that discussion.

We have planned to complete this book in coming week and to decide the book to be read in the next session.