THE BOOK CLUB “Weekly Discussions” (Session #13)

Published on: Aug 07 2015 by Administrator

DATE: Thursday, 30th  July 2015

TIME: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm


PARTICIPANTS: Rojan Maharjan ,Suraj Regmi, Umesh Dhungana, Nisha

Dhungana, Ashish Khanal, Nikita Gautam, Shreha Regmi, Nirmal K.C, Rohit


ABSENTEES: Sachin Aryal, Sunil Lamsal, Shibesh Duwadi

REPORTED BY: Rojan Maharjan

This week’s session marked the start of the book ‘The Art of Loving’ by Erich Fromm. After everyone’s keen interest in reading a book related to love, this book was chosen. This book stands out from the rest of the books read by the book club, because this is the first non-fiction book being read by the book club. Everyone found the start of the book really interesting and are really looking forward to reading the rest of the book. Our Guest members this week are Ashmita Subedi and Rojina Shrestha. The book club will also have food for every session.