The Software Club­ – MEETING

Published on: Aug 07 2015 by Administrator

TITLE: The Software Club­ MEETING with Rudra Sir

DATE: 07/03/2015

TIME: 2:10­ 2:35 PM


Abhishek Gupta, Subigya Kumar Nepal, Bhisan Bhandari, Bikash Sapkota, SumanThapa, Biplav

Shrestha, Yashin Shekh, Munmun Shrestha, Sushil Pokhrel, Manish Dangi




• Update the progress with Rudra sir.

• Learn from his ideas.


On July 3rd, the software club had a meeting with Rudra Pandey sir. All the members of the club were present. Rudra sir tries to motivate the students every time he meets them. So, in the same way, we had an interesting and motivating meeting. First off, we shared our progress and the things we have done so far as a club. Then, we mentioned the things that we are planning to do next. He then asked us to do something new, think about some crazy ideas and turn them into an application. He shared with us some crazy ideas that he has in his mind.

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