The Software Club- MEETING

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TITLE: The Software Club- MEETING
DATE: 04/22/2015
TIME: 2:30- 2:55 PM
Abhishek Gupta, Subigya Kumar Nepal, Bhisan Bhandari, Bikash Sapkota, SumanThapa, Biplav Shrestha, Yashin Shekh, Munmun Shrestha, Sushil Pokhrel,Manish Dangi


– Deerthon project template
– DeerCoders repository
— DWIT News App – Testing

-The new rules for the deerthorn is discussed. The templete is alredy sent to the previous six participants. From this session the software team decided to announce the winner after the completion of the project. The club decided to give the total of 60 hrs to the participant in which they have to complete the project in 4 weeks. Every weeks the criteria for the project should be fulfilled which will determine their position in this competition.

-New guidelines for deercoder is implemented. To make the deercode more interesting, now this session would have additional of design session which includeHTML and CSS. From now on the deercode team will conduct the event for more 30 minutes in addition to the previous time for problem and logial thinking but for MCQ session 30 minutes is deducted ( it will be only 30 minutes). The participants would be pre-informed about the questions type and the questions would be given within the selected chapters. The members discussed if different platform should be allowed for programmin for the same type of question.

-The news app built by Subigya and Bhishan before release should be tested hence a purposal for testing documentation is discussed. Subigya and Suman will be giving the test report of the app soon. Since the app has some troubles like slow loading and got struck sometime, the app developing members discussed about
the solutions of the isuue.
DATE: 29 April 2015
VENUE: Class of 2015

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