Documentary Show Series XV:-“Haunters and Haunted”

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TITLE Documentary Show Series XV:-“Hunters and Haunted”
VENUE New Hall
DATE 2nd July 2015
COORDINATOR The Documentary and Movie Club
PARTICIPANTS Batch  2015, 2016, 2017,2018
PHOTOS BY Ayush Manandhar
VIDEO BY Anil Khand , Sushant Shrestha
REPORT BY Munmun Shrestha and Bimal Thapa
EDITED BY Mohan Singh Bomrel


School of Computer Science and Information Technology

The Documentary & Movie Club

Haunters and Haunted

This documentary is about animals of different food chain and their way of living. It focuses on the carnivorous animals who feed on other animals of lower food chain, that is mostly the herbivorous animals. The predators are referred to as hunters and the prey is referred to as hunted. This documentary mainly focuses on the mammals, whether it is a land animal, water animal or the one that can fly.

Each living beings need food for survival. Likewise, each hunter (the carnivorous animals) also needs to feed to survival for which they need to hunt down other animals. Hunting someone less powerful than oneself may seem easy but in reality it is much tedious. The hunters need to use some very clever tactics to get their prey. On the other hand, the animals who get hunted need to be very careful. A slight mistake, and their life ends.

Different animals live in different environment and different animals have their own techniques to hunt down other animals or to rescue from the hunting animals. As this documentary focuses on mammals, mammals teach their techniques to their younger ones and in this way those animals can survive in their environment. The hunters are not always bigger than their prey and they not always successful. Sometimes the hunters may have to stay hungry and the prey may live for more days. So hunting needs patience, focus and determination.

The Documentary and Movie Club

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