Relief Program Nuwakot

Published on: Jul 01 2015 by Administrator

On May 27

Wednesday, Deerwalk Social Welfare Network (DWSWN) volunteers Mohan Singh Bomrel, Pankaj KC and Nishan Makaju Shrestha lead by Surendra Nath Adhikari, the Campus Chief of DWIT, headed to a Chauthe VDC of Nuwakot, to distribute the primary relief as a cash of Rs.3000/ household for 32 houses and Rs.2000/ household for 97 houses of three different areas Manchegaun, Dhunganagaun and Sunargaun respectively. This is a continuation of DWSWN relief_Nuwakot program that was carried out on 10 May (Day-14 Report)

The team visited some of the houses devastated due to earthquake in all three areas and requested the villagers to gather in a place and distributed the relief cash. During this mission the team interviewed some people to know about the issues and problems in relation with the activities they are involved to make the shelter. Most of the villagers told that the current financial situation is too pity that they are not able to construct the shelter themselves and are looking for external support in finance and in construction materials. They agreed that the cost of the shelter will be lower than normal to erect the shelter as they are using some of the construction materials of the previous houses demolished so far. They told that cost of shelter using the local material ranges from 2 lakh to 9 lakh depending upon the size of building and additional material they would need. In Sunargaun some of the people requested to include the family members living under the same roof but separated. They requested us to provide at least a tarpaulin sheet to each of 8 families. The villagers appreciated that they are satisfied with the action taken by DWSWN. The amount, though is small, would be useful to purchase their urgent need that may vary from family to family.