Documentary Show Series XIV:-“Why Planes Crash”

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TITLE Documentary Show Series XIV:-“Why Planes Crash”
VENUE Lhotse Hall (Big Seminar Hall)
DATE  20th February 2015
COORDINATOR The Documentary and Movie Club
PARTICIPANTS Batch  2015, 2016, 2017,2018
PHOTOS BY Ayush Manandhar
VIDEO BY Anil Khand , Sushant Shrestha
REPORT BY Sajak Baidya
EDITED BY Mohan Singh Bomrel


School of Computer Science and Information Technology

The Documentary & Movie Club


Why planes crash was shown by the movie club last Friday (20th of February). The documentary showed three cases of airplane crashes in different parts of the world. The 1st part showed airplane travelling from Rio de Janerio to France where it had to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The airplane went out of contact after it had crossed a certain boundary of the radar connection. The air plane’s auto pilot was damaged due to the freezing a vital instrument used to measure the speed of air. The pilots were unable to know about the plane’s position and the plane crashed to the sea belly first. All the passengers (about 200) were killed.

The second part of the documentary showed a plane which was flying from China and was flying in a high altitude and caused one of the engine to crash so they had to lower the altitude and they did not notice the plane slowly turning upside down, it was not until they were very much low they found the plane was not in angle with the horizon. Just when the plane left the clouds the captain pulled the airplane up and saved the passengers.

The third part of the documentary showed a Turkish airplane which crashes on the ground. The plane had a quite good journey until the end while landing when it lost it’s balance and crashed on its tail. The plane was split in three pieces. The neck, the body and the tail, the passengers in the broken sections were severely injured and the others were suffering minor injuries. The show showed the example of two women who were completely unaware of the crashing.

It was successfully conducted and last for one  hours. Students get to know how often plane crashes and takes many peoples’ lives. It was informative documentary.

The Documentary and Movie Club

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