Hike 13: Hiking From Khawo to Dhulikhel Chaur and Changa Chet

Published on: Dec 08 2014 by Administrator
TITLE Hiking From Khawo to Dhulikhel Chaur and Changa Chet
ROUTE / VENUE Driving(Sifal >> Zero Kilometer), Hiking(Zero Km >> Dhulikhel), Driving(Dhulikhel >> Sifal)
DATE 2nd November 2014
COORDINATOR Surendra Nath Adhikari(Campus Chief),  Anil Parajuli- 016, Pankaj kc- 016
PARTICIPANTS Pema Tamang Ghising-2018, Osheen Shrestha-2018, Manoj Gyawali-2018, Prakriti Shree Tuladhar-2018, Aasha Poudel-2018, Munmun Shrestha-2018, Utkrista KC-2018, Bishal Timalsina-2018, Bipin Paudel-2017, Nikita Gautam-2017, Ashmita Kunwar-2017, Urusha Puri-2018, Sandesh Acharya-2018, Mallika Bhattarai-2018, Ojaswi Poudyal-2018, Ashmita Thapa-2018, Shreya Acharya-2018, Ruby Shrestha-2018, Ankit Karki-2018, Dipesh Bhandari-2018, Sneha Parajuli-2017, Barsha Dahal-2017, Asmita Subedi-2017, Akankshya Upadhyay-2018, Anushka Maharjan-2018, Shreha Regmi-2017, Nisha Dhungana-2017, Ashish Bikram Lamichane -2016, Sabin Pathak-2018, Raman Maharjan-2018, Biplav Shrestha-2018, Sharun Sangat -2017, Pratik Budhathoki-2016, Umesh Dhungana-2017, Anish Thakuri-2016, saroj Shrestha-2017, Bimal Gaire-2016, Risav Bhurtel-2017, Bidur Banstola and Surendra Nath Adhikari
PHOTOS BY  Pankaj Kc – 016 and Suryaraj Timsina – 016
REPORT BY  Shreha Regmi – 017, Akankshya Upadhyay -018 and Prakriti Shree Tuladhar – 018
CREATIVE SUPPORT Surendra Nath Adhikari



Report by Shreha Regmi

Shreha Regmi

With full of enthusiasm, we students were eagerly waiting to begin our hike on 2nd November. At 7:30, we set off with a delicious breakfast in college. Surendra Sir planned to separate us into groups in order to get students closer to each other. Later after the distribution of students there was a short photo session with the group leads holding the banner, which read “Changa Chet Program” and all of us beside them. 40 student hikers boarded on the bus and left around 8. It was a real pleasure to see students enjoying and dancing to the rhythm of the moving bus, with the beautiful songs playing in the background.

It took us an hour and half to reach Zero kilometer Dhulikhel. The real fun of hiking then began. After two hours of hiking we finally arrived at the spot. Some of us were very exhausted, while the others were getting along ok. We clicked pictures and ate snacks that we received. Till we were waiting for the second set of people to come along with food and tent, we got ourselves busy with little music. Some of the boys played guitar and sang lovely songs. Surendra Sir had the best singing skill among all the singers out there. He sang different Nepali songs like “Mohani lagla hai” to Narayan Gopal’s songs with his melodic voice. By then the bus had arrived and all of us gathered and helped to tie the tent.

We danced all day to beats of the music system and enjoyed to the fullest. From Anaconda to Komariya, I don’t think we let out any dance items. In addition to it playing cards, flying kites and playing different games was adding up the enjoyment of the surrounding. There were three types games planned for the event. Games started with the three-legged race, where girls were divided into 8 different groups at first. Prakriti Tuladhar and Utkrista K.C. won the girls round. Similarly amongst the boys, Anil lama and Pratik Budhathoki were able to secure the first position. Excitement in the crowd was expanding and the game session was followed by game named “Ghaita Futaune”. Around 20 students participated in the game. The participants were blindfolded and were supposed to hit the “Matka” with a rod and whoever were able to do so were rewarded with delicious chocolates. Bhawana Dahal, Munumn Shrestha, Suraj Regmi and Pratik Budhathoki were able to break the “Matka”. The best part of the session was saved for the last, “Tug of War“. Everyone seemed to elevated and excited about the game. But unfortunately the rope broke on the very first match and we couldn’t continue the game. All in all it was an amazing hiking experience.

 It was my first hike as a DWITian, I was thrilled about how would be the experience like and so were my friends. We desired it to be memorable; it was simply not the first hiking, but the first time we actually got a chance to be together as DWIT family. I must complement that the seniors were really helpful and supportive to us. They offered us help while we were having hard time on hiking, and also they also gave us an amazing welcome. It never felt that we were new to the surroundings; it felt as if we were the part of DWIT since forever. Wow! They just made it very comfortable for us. I hope we always have fun like we experienced that very day in coming future too. The Hiking Club of DWIT made an amazing arrangement I must say. Hiking to Dhulikhel was a beautiful experience with the most incredible people of DWIT.


Report by Akankshya Upadhyay

The most awaited program of the year, hiking along with Changa Chet was held on the 2ndof November 2014. Perhaps the date when, for the

Akankshya Upadhyay

firsttime, students from all the four batches left to hike together to Dhulikhel. Well, that was the first time for many to hike as there were many students from the fourth batch who had never been for hiking before. It was almost 7:45 when we left the school premises after a light breakfast at the Deerwalk Foods. The Program co coordinator, Surendra Sir, along with 45 hikers got into the bus with enormous excitement and delight for all of us were already sure about the fun that we would experience all the way.

As soon as the journey started, students got energetic. Many of them danced, sang and clicked photos all the way. All of us got off the bus at zero kilo. The locals suggested us the route to the top of the hill. With much enthusiasm, all the participants started hiking from Khawo. The journey started off quite well but after some time, due to the scorching sun and the uphill climb from Bhattidada along with the difficult terrain, everyone got exhausted. I personally did not think that I would make it to the top of the hill. After the uphill, the path was quite easier than before. Walking for a while we reached a Gumba, where we rested to regroup the whole team. The whole scenario of the place was very pleasing which encouraged us to walk further. In like manner all of us started moving forward after the short rest. The path was much broader than before and we managed to walk with much ease.

The hiking was shorter than we expected as we reached to our destination in about 2 hours. The spot was known as Dhulikhel Chaur. The scene was unbelievable and everyone started clicking photos. There was a temple, Kali Mandhir near the picnic spot which most of us visited. We waited for the second team that left the college premises at about 10 to arrive with all the arrangements and foods and also some students who were not interested in hiking. It was already half past 11 when second team arrived. After settling down, the program started formally.

At around 5 pm, as it was getting too late, unwillingly, everyone had to pack their stuffs. We had a group photo session as a memory of the day. While returning, because of the heavy load, some of us walked down the ‘Hajjar Siddi’,- and some went by bus. The bus carrying students was waiting at the end of the steps for others to arrive. We all enjoyed ourselves to the fullest in the bus while returning back to the school.

Finally, tackling all the traffic jams, we reached the school premises at around 6: 45pm.


Report by  Prakriti Shree Tuladhar

Prakriti Shree Tuladhar

At a special time every year the sky clears up and shows it’s deep blue color. The wind picks up and at times as a sign hits you in your face. And then when you look up, you see a kite, one more kite joins the first one, then another and another till the sky looks beautifully dotted with colors of the colored papers tied together with sticks and strings.

We all have many special memories of kite flying; a cousin who fell from the terrace, an elder brother who won forty kite fights in a day and the sound of “cheeiiitttt” echoing again and again. As a brilliant idea, the DWIT Hiking Club organizes a hiking cum kite flying competition every year. This year the event was delayed due to weather conditions and then again due to exams but finally it concluded with much joy on Nov.1. The delay proved to be great for the batch of 2018 that got to experience a grand DWIT event in their first month of college. The day started with much excitement with a short hiking trip that ended in the changa cheit event spot. There we were joined by the second bus whose people came for the changa cheit program. Soon we could see kites flying in the sky and people showing their skill and instinct. The winds didn’t pick up properly that day and that left many enthusiasts disappointed at first but then hoping to make the best of the day, they tried and tried till finally, there were kites coloring up the sky. The winds weren’t in our favor that day and the event had to be cancelled. But still the people to who managed to get their kites up, fought the elements to let their kites fly, at least for a while. Everyone had a fun day. They talked, laughed, danced, sang and played games. They enjoyed a lot and the left that day with fond memories to laugh and cry for.

In a nut shell the event may not have been how it was planned to be but the DWITians made the best of it and ended the program in a huge success.