Hike 14: Hiking From Jhor to Kakani

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Hiking from Jhor to Kakani


Driving(Sifal>>Jhor), Hiking(Jhor>>Kakani),Driving(Kakani>>Sifal)


30th November
COORDINATOR Abishekh Khatiwada-018, Safal Neupane-018
PARTICIPANTS Shankar Koirala-015, Sumit Shrestha-016, Sushant Gurung-016, Sagar Giri-016, Abhishek Gupta-016, Anil Lama-016, Sachin Aryal-016, Suman Thapa-016,  Suryaraj Timsina-016, Anish Thakuri-016, Bishal Timalsina-016, Anil khand-018, Abhisekh Khatiwada (coordinator), Safal Neupane (coordinator) and Amrit Silwal(college rep)
PHOTOS BY Suryaraj Timsina-016
VIDEO BY Ankit Karki – 018
REPORT BY Bishal Timalsina – 018



Report by Bishal Timalsina – 018

Bishal Timilsina

On November 30th, DWIT hiking club organized a hike to Kakani from Jhor. There were total thirteen students participating in the hike. They were led by two of the coordinators of hiking club (viz. Abhisekh Khatiwada and Safal Neupane) along with the college representative Amrit Silwal.

The hikers left the college at 7:25 am in a college van. It took us about one hour to reach the starting point of the hike. Before starting the hike, we stopped for breakfast in a small hotel. After having the breakfast, we started the hike at around 9 am. We first visited the Shivapuri National Park. It was great to be away from the noise and pollution of the city area. After going up the main road for a while, we left the road and took the path to a place called Gurje Bhanjyang. We stopped at some places to eat the food we brought along with us. It was tiring and fun adventure at the same time.

Then the hiking took an unexpected turn when we were going from the south of Gurje Bhanjyang to the north , we took the wrong path and ended up in a completely unexpected place somewhere in between Nagarjuna and Kakani. After this the real hike began! We had to go off the walking path to reach the road below which was quite fun and thrilling at the same time.

After arriving at the road finally, it was already around 2 pm and we were all very much tired. But we still had to reach the Kakani height. Many of us did not want to continue the hike because of tiresome hike but there was no other option so we had to reach the top of the Kakani hill. After a long hike of about 1-and-half hour, we finally reached at the Kakani height at 3:15 pm.

After reaching the Kakani height, we took some rest for a while and then we returned to the college in the college van that was waiting for us. We had our lunch at the college and returned home.