Fun Games in Deerfest

Published on: Aug 25 2014 by Administrator

Title: Fun Game In Deerfest

Place: DWIT Premises 

Participants: DWIT Family

Time: 3 o’clock

Date: 2014/08/24

Photos By: Media Club

Reported By: Sanjya Rimal

Edited By: Pratik Budhathoki

It was held on the occasion of the deer fest by the sports club. At first the musical chair game was held then hot potato, spoon relay race, penalty shoot competition, one leg race, plate and spoon choosing game by one the staff of cafeteria and lifting the partner and race competition was held in that day. While the games were played everyone enjoyed and played the game with their core interest and desire. In some games there were criteria that the participate must have the plate and spoon brought from their home where as in other there were no any criteria. There were certain rules in all games.

In the musical chair Suraj Regmi from the batch 2017 won that game similarly in hot potato Sachin Aryal from batch 2016 won that game likewise this in penalty shoot Sandesh Sarma won the game, Aanis Dhakal and Aashish khanal won the spoon relay race, one leg race was won by Pankaj Kc from batch 2016, finally while choosing the nice plate in cafeteria staff(Ram dai) chooses the plate and spoon of Rishav Bhurtel and finally the partner lifting race was won by Sanjay Rimal and Umesh Dhungana.

Everybody were watching and playing the games with lots of fun and interest. After each game finished the winner had to choose a prize. The games were held very nicely and effectively at the right time and we all had really enjoyed the games. These games held by sports club were too interesting to get bored. All the students from all batches were enjoying the games by participating and watching. At last all the game were really nice and amazing to have between us. Thank you DWIT and thank you sports club.