DWIT Media Club Weekly Meeting Minute-XI

Published on: Apr 19 2017 by mediaclub

Meeting – XI-The Media Club-04.07.2017
Start Time: 11:30
Duration: 60 Mins
Report ::Iris Pokharel
Sajak Baidhya,Iris Pokharel,,Basistha Ghimire,Saras Karanjit,Pema Tamang, Raman Maharjan,
Absentee: Abhishek Khanal
1. Paristhiti-2
2.Off the Script talks 2nd episode
3.Documentary video
4.One Day at special place Video shoot(2nd Part)
Action Items:
1. Paristhiti -2 script finalized. Cast to be finalized soon. Script forwarded to Meelan Lohani for final evaluation
2.Off the script talks 2nd episode: Biker stories to be featured in the next episode.
3. Every members to work on next project which will be based upon documentary.
4.One day video’s 2nd episode to be done soon. Venue set to be either patan or basantapur.