DWIT Media Club Weekly Meeting Minute-X

Published on: Mar 27 2017 by mediaclub

Meeting – X-The Media Club-03.24.2017
Start Time: 11:30
Duration: 60 Mins
Report ::Iris Pokharel
Sajak Baidhya,Iris Pokharel,,Basistha Ghimire,Saras Karanjit,Pema Tamang, Raman Maharjan,

Absentee: Abhishek Khanal

1. Paristhiti-2

2.Kathmandu Roads Video

3.Debate Video

4.One Day at special place Video shoot

Action Items:
1. Paristhiti -2 script to be finalized upcoming week

2.Kathmandu roads video to be made. In initial phase the theme to be researched.

3.Debate :Off script interview video to be started really soon.

4.One day video at certain(religious mainly) to be made and idea were discussed.