Weekly Minute – IV – The Artistas

Published on: Mar 01 2017 by The Artistas

Meeting – IV – The Artistas Club – 01.26.2017

Start Time: 4:15 pm
Duration: 30 min

Anushka Maharjan, Ashmita Thapa Sayal Vaidya, Abhisekh Kadariya, Shrayash Shrestha and Bishesh Katwal
Absentees: None

1. Next event
2. Inter School Competition for DSS
Action Items:
1. Next Event
a. Intra college dance competition to be organized
b. Judges to be decided
c. Mails to be sent to the college
2. Inter School Competition for DSS
a. Recycling art competition for grade 9
b. Groups of students from each school to come

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