DWIT Media Club Weekly Meeting Minute-IV

Published on: Jan 11 2017 by mediaclub

Meeting – IV-The Media Club-01.09.2017
Start Time: 12:30
Duration: 60 Mins
Report ::Iris Pokharel
Sajak Baidhya,Iris Pokharel,,Basistha Ghimire,Saras Karanjit,Pema Tamang,Abhishek Khanal,Raman Maharjan
1. News Shoot
2. One Day Photoshop Training
3. Flashback Re-editing
4. Short Movie
6.Photo Of the week

Action Items:
1.Nepali News 7th Bulletin
a) Cinematographers-Iris Pokharel
b) Editor-Saras Karanjit
c)Shoot Day:Thursday

2 One DayPhotoshop Training
a) to be started next week.

3.Flashback re-editing
a)To be released next week

4.Short Movie
a) Either Supernatural sitcom or Outdoor Video shoot to be done
b)Announcement to be done soon

a)Announcement to be done and poster to be released soon.

6.Photo of the week.
a)To be conducted every week followed by photo of the month.