Music Club Meeting Minute

Published on: Dec 29 2016 by musicclub

Meeting – I – The Music Club – 12.29.2016

Start Time: 5:30 pm

Duration: 30 min

Bishal Timalsina, Shibesh Duwadi, Osheen Shrestha, Alon Shrestha, Aawaj Shrestha, Pallavi Ghimire, Tejas Pant

Absentees: None

1. Description of the event (in collaboration with the Social Service club) to be held on 30th December 2016, Friday.
2. Organizing music during the event.

Action Items:
1. Music for Bonfire
• Guitars and Cajon to be made available during the event for live music.
• Arrangement of music system (speakers, and other instruments) to be done.
• Description of how it is to be done.