DWIT Media Club Weekly Meeting

Published on: Jul 20 2016 by mediaclub

Meeting – XXV – The Media Club – 08.07.2016
Start Time: 4:10pm
Duration: 45 minutes

Dipal Malla, Ruby Shrestha, Asmita Ghimire, Raman Maharjan, Surakshya Thapa, Sajak Raj Baidhya, Mallika Bhattarai, Anushka Maharjan, Yunish Shakya

Absentees: Pema Ghising

1. Tech Video – Select apps
2. Nepali News 3rd

Action Items:
1. Tech Video:
a. Searched for Nepali Apps
b. Selected 15 apps and assigned each member to evaluate one or two apps
c. Decided on the schedule of the tech video release
2. Nepali News 3rd
a. Readers – Dipal Malla and Surakshya Thapa
b. Editor – Sajak Baidhya
c. Scripts to be distributed
d. Cinematographer – Sajak Biadhya