Meeting – XV – The Software Club – Weekly Minute

Published on: Jul 18 2016 by softwareclub

Meeting- XV – The Software Club – 24/04/2016
Start time: 12:00 PM
Duration: 4 hours.
Participants: Sabin Pathak, Shreyansh Lodha, Mohan Singh Bomrel, Biplav Shrestha, Yashin Sheikh, Rachana Banjade. Asmita Subedi, Bhishan Bhandari, Bipin Poudel, Subigya Nepal, Bikash Sapkota, Ruby Shrestha.
Absentees: Sushil Pokhrel, Manish Dangi.
 How to make best use of Test Server
 Deerthon Planning

Action Items
 Test Server will be used to test the various ongoing projects within our club and within DWIT.
 Advertising about the Deerthon will be one major issues. For this formal letter will be send to respective colleges along with the phone call. We will use our own website to register and make advertisement through our Facebook page and posts. At most 12 teams will be the best number to conduct Hackathon. So, only 12 teams will be selected.