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Out of the window, she could see her mother waving at her. Many of the students present in the class gazed at her. It was her first day of high school and her heart was beating fast with the new attention directed towards her.

“Class, this is your new friend, Alison. Do make her feel comfortable,” said the principal with a gentle smile as he introduced her to her fellow students.

Everyone welcomed her with a small greeting or conversation. She was kind and open with her feelings, so it didn’t take her too long to make new friends. Considering she was the second topper in her school, she quickly grabbed the attention of the teachers as well. Besides studying biology and being quite good at it, she also had a taste for music. She found out from one of her friends that the college had a music club and she wasted no time in joining.

Alison started going to music classes on weekends. She was overwhelmed by music’s  power to touch one’s soul and she never tired of surrounding herself with melodies. During her time in the music club, she interacted with different people, but there was this one guy who she was really close to. His name was Josh. He was slim with short brown hair and a sarcastic nature. Alison and Josh spent a lot of time together in music classes rehearsing, as well as at other places, and their friendship grew stronger. They enjoyed each other’s company and gradually developed romantic feelings for one another.

Even though they both knew they loved each other, they never confessed their love directly to each other. Alison, who was usually expressive with her feelings, could not be open in this case. She had a fear she would lose him if she confessed first, so she chose to wait. Josh, on the other hand, had a different story. He knew from the very beginning that they could not be together as he and his family would be leaving soon; this did not stop him from loving her.

Josh now had to choose between his love and his family. He finally decided to convince his family to not move away any time soon, and after a long conversation and consistent persuasion, his parents finally agreed. The next morning he rushed to Alison’s house to finally confess his love. When he arrived, he discovered that Alison’s father had died in a car accident and she had left the country the same day. The neighbors also told him that they Alison’s family was not returning back, ever. Both of them lived with the guilt of never confessing their love, and they never met again.


Saras Karanjit

Class of 2019

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