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Born in a poor family, somewhere in North

One lakh loan on my shoulder during birth

No food, no clothes; father does not earn

Although he works from rising to setting sun


We had somehow managed to survive in poverty

One extra mouth to feed, he may have felt guilty

Father dies, mother cries I do not understand

Then the dearth started to fall on our land


Mather married another man and went away

She lied to me, she did not return next day

I felt hungry, I could not tolerate pain

I scratched the barren land in search of grain


Crept all over dust in search of some food

Found nothing to eat, my effort was no good

Crept like a hungry leopard all over the land

I was hungry, I filled my mouth with sand


I found nothing but I had to eat to live

I tried begging but who would give

With no care, my body was full of bug

People slapped and kicked and called me dog


I know that it is bad but I had to steal

This was nice, I could easily have a meal

Got caught, I cannot explain the beating

People surrounded me, I sat there bleeding


I could not withstand the pain,

The tears rolled down like monsoon rain

The days and nights passed right by

I slept on the cold floor and cried


I wished someone would give some love

I cried and cursed the god above

Cursed my mother for giving me a birth

Abused my father for leaving me alone on earth


In this large world no one was kind

This was my fate so I did not mind

The pain was intolerable so I decided to die

I hung myself and said goodbye.


Giriraj Khatri

Class of 2019



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