The Gold that she is!

Published on: May 03 2016 by Administrator

Despite all my imperfections, she never fails to make me feel special. I have felt it in her words and I have seen it in her eyes that she is grateful to have me in her life. I think this is crazy since I know how I can be. I deserve some love, but there is no way I deserve as much as she gives to me. The never depreciating excitement that she shows for me is plain wonderful and humbling. I salute her for the amount of respect and love that she has for everyone. The way she loves and cares for the people close to her is just adorable. The way she talks about her loved ones fills my heart with joy. Such a clean heart does she possess! Just wow! A lot of times, I get amused by her many-sided personalities. From the class lectures to the playful banters, I enjoy every bit of her! Her perspective on life is so simplistic and therefore so brilliant! Her frivolous nature is amazing. I bet, after you meet her, your definition of “cute” will change. I wonder how proud her mother must feel for having a daughter who has matured into such a marvelous individual: smart and kind; understanding and supportive; confident and caring!

She is beyond perfection, imagination and definition. She is magical, and just as her name describes, she is divine!

Akankshya Upadhaya

Class of 2018

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