IT Club Weekly Meeting Minute

Published on: Apr 19 2016 by itclub


Meeting-XIV-The IT Club-04.18.2016

Start Time: 12:40 PM

Duration- 20 Minutes.

Participants: Prabin Rai, Roshan Basnet, Rishav Bhurtel, Anish Dhakal
Absentees: Aashish Subedi, Nischal Aryal, Saurav Bhandari, Subhamrit Bimali,  Dhiraj Dhungana, Rejal Dhakal, Arjan Poudel, Dipesh Bhandari, Alan Khadka


  1. Upgrading TP-Link AP firmware which was initially placed in DWIT admin building
  2. Fixing date for Maintenance, session to install new OS in every system in lab
  3. Discussion over extra activities to be conducted by IT Club.

Task Action items

  1. TP-Link AP firmware needs to be upgraded. Therefore Prabin will be handling the task and the deadline for this task is set as 21st April.
  2. IT Club will conduct a maintenance session on 23rd and 24th April In this session new operating system will be installed in every computer in the Lab.