The Book Club Weekly Meeting – 11

Published on: Apr 19 2016 by bookclub

Meeting -XI- The Book Club- 19.04.2016

Start Time: 11:45 AM.

Duration: 30 Minutes.

Participants: Raman Pandey, Nabina Khadka, Sushil Awale, Dipesh Poudel, Suraj Regmi

Absentees: Utkrista KC (Informed), Abhushan Gautam (Informed), Giriraj Khatri (Informed)


  1. New Name for the Club
  2. Name for the Monthly Event
  3. Plan for Club’s Project (Book review website)

Action Items

  1. Send “Literature Club” activities proposal to college by tomorrow – Assigned to Dipesh
  2. Select new name for the club, possible names: The Literature Society, Mandal
  3. Select name for the monthly event, possible names: LitUp, Sahitik Sandhya
  4. Send survey form to students to find out the no. of interested people for Drama.
  5. The project of Book Club will start once the examinations are over.