The Book Club Weekly Meeting – 10

Published on: Mar 26 2016 by bookclub

Meeting – X – The Book Club – 03.25.2016

Start Time: 12:40 PM.

Duration: 30 Minutes.



  1. Changing the club’s name to “The Literature Club” and organizing club activities that suits the name.
  2. Notice design for Book Review of the Month
  3. Organizing a monthly event where people can share their poems, stories, read a part of book and many more
  4. Projects than club can work on.

Action Items

  1. The club members will be discussing and sharing the activities that “The Literature Club” can do. In one week time the club will prepare a report on what activities that the club will conduct.
  2. Sushil will design the notice for The Book Review of the Month
  3. The club members will soon come up with a name for the monthly event and plan to condcut it.
  4. The club president explained some of the projects that the club can do. The Club will start making a website to rate Books and read book review.