DWIT Social Service Club – Weekly Meeting – XI

Published on: Mar 05 2016 by socialserviceclub

Meeting – XI – The Social Service Club – 03.04.2016

Start Time: 1:00 PM.

Duration: 35 mins


  • Mohan Singh Bomrel, Akankshya Upadhyay, Navaraj Kharel, Shiva Tripathi, Aasha Poudel


  • Siddhartha Giri, Shila Parajuli



  1. Continuation of Guidance Class- Week V
  2. Organization of Shivaratri event- CampFire on 7th of March, Monday
  3. Survey for Computer Maintenance.


Action Items

  1. Aasha Poudel- Documentation for Guidance Class
  2. Akankshya Upadhyay- Mail for invitation of Shivaratri event
  3. Shiva Tripathi, Kundan Samsher Rana and Shila Parajuli – Assisting the students for guidance class week 5
  4. Mohan Singh Bomrel, Shila Parajuli and Siddhartha Giri -Computer Maintenance Survey to be conducted at Pashupati College on Sunday, 6th March