DeerExpress Weekly Meeting Minute-I

Published on: Jan 02 2016 by deerexpressclub

Meeting – I – The DEEREXPRESS CLUB – Date: 12/31/2015

Start time:  5:00 PM

Duration: 45 Minutes

Participants: Barsha Dahal, Prayush Shrestha, Iris Pokharel, Sabina Shrestha, Milan Budhathoki

Absentees: Munmun Shrestha(informed), Prakriti Shre Tuladhar(informed)


  1. Discussion about the draft plans for upcoming events.
  2. Discussion about the changes brought in the way club has been organizing events.
  3. Discussion on the member’s view regarding the weekly event:
    • The talk program and deertalk will be conducted in the different days, two sessions will be conducted for two weeks then guest will be called on the next week.
    • DeerQuiz will be organized once in two months.
  4. Discussion about taking responsibility in regular basis.
  5. Discussion on making every events successful and interesting.
  6. Discussion on giving regularity to the club Facebook page.


Action Items:

  • President: Monitor each and every events and the club members.
  • Vice President: Keep the Facebook page of the club updated and control the club activities and bring chocolates for this Friday.
  • Reporters (Iris, Prakriti): Write reports in regular basis.
  • Munmun: Be ready with the things club require before starting the program. (i.e. Attendance sheet, Judgement sheet)
  • Cinematographer (Milan): Shoot each and every events the club organize.
  • Sabina: Collect topics for upcoming events.
  • Either DeerTalk or Talk program will be held in a day.
  • Champions of the champions will be held soon.
  • DeerQuiz will be organized once in two months.
  • DeerTalk will be organized in a small hall,only two batches should attend the event.
  • Talk program will be organized in big hall, all batches should attend the program.