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AI Workshop I | AIDevNepal DWIT

Published on: 10 Sep, 2018 by The Software Club

AIDevNepal DWIT in collaboration with Software club conducted the first AI Workshop on July 14, 2018. The workshop was attended by 20 students from all the batches of DWIT and was facilitated by Prajin Khadka, a mentor from AIDevNepal community.
In the four-hour-long workshop, the participants learned about the basics of Machine Learning. The workshop started with the installation and use of Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook. Then it was followed by exercises on Python Basics, NumPy and Panda Library. 
The participants learned to play with matrices using NumPy and data using Panda. They worked with the 'Titanic' dataset which contained information about the passengers of Titanic shipwreck and performed data scrubbing and analysis. 
All the source code of the above-mentioned exercises are available on the Software Club's GitHub account.