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Weekly Meeting ? V ? DWIT Social Service Club ? 02/02/2018

Published on: 08 Feb, 2018 by The Social Service Club

Date: 02/02/2018

Start time: 4:30 P.M

Duration: 45 minutes


  • Siddhartha Giri
  • SunitaKunwar
  • Isha Shrestha
  • Bishesh Katwal
  • Bhawana Yadav
  • AishwaryaSapkota



  1. Stalls will be set up for the valentine week, starting 7th February.
  2. If possible, collaborate with other organization to help for the rehabilitation of street children.
  3. Talk with the municipality for the treatment and welfare of street dogs.

Action Items:

  1. Write mail for the upcoming event – SunitaKunwar
  2. Think of new ideas for making artificial rose- BisheshKatwal
  3. All the club member should come to college for a weekend for making artificial roses and work accordingly.