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Third Deertalk session conducted

Published on: 06 Apr, 2018 by The Documentary and Movie Club

The Documentry Club in collaboration with the DeerExpress Club organized a talk program with Renuka Sharma, a social hero on 30th March Friday. In this session she shared the stories of people, especially women and children of rural areas of Nepal. The program started with a warm welcome to Miss Renuka Sharma. 

Miss Renuka started her talk along with a set of slides projected on the background which would show the pictures of the people she was talking about. She explained about the life of people in rural areas of our country With Real life examples and showed us the harsh reality of our country. Miss Renuka shared the problems regarding laws and awareness in our country which made the audience aware of the situation. She also invited the audience to visit the shelter homes and also for helping the victims before. she was handed the token of love by Samjhana Pokharel,the mentor of Movies Dramatics And Documentary Club.