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Final Session- Movie Adaptation of "The Good Earth"

Published on: 02 Apr, 2018 by The Deerwalk Literature Society

On 30th of March, The Deerwalk Literature Society conducted the final session showcasing the movie adaption of Pearl's S. Buck's book, "The Good Earth." After going through 34 chapters of emotional rollercoaster on the life of Wang Lung, we all agreed to watch the movie adaption of The Pulitzer Prize- winning novel. As a result, all the club members as well as the book reading members enjoyed the 2 hours 17 minutes long movie made in 1937. It might have looked  soap-operish at times but had some visually dramatic moments, too, capped off by a locust attack at the end of the film.

Overall, all the viewers had a great time and we all contrasted the differences from the book and the movie. Everyone gave their thoughts on how they imagined it to be. Filled with lots of healthy discussion, our book reading session finally came to an end. 

The Book Reading members enjoying the movie adaptation of "The Good Earth"

O-lan and Wang Lung; protagonists from the book

The Book Reading Team along with DLS