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Blood donation program

Published on: 10 Mar, 2018 by The Social Service Club

DWIT Social Service Club with collaboration with Lion's Club of Kathmandu UMANG conducted "Give Blood Give Life". 

The social event "Give Blood Give Life" held on 9 March  has been successfully completed. It was basically a  blood donation program where anyone interested could help in saving lives. But they had to meet certain criteria to prove themselves fit and ready to donate their blood. The club had sent a form for all the donors a week earlier than the event.


The event started at 10:00 AM sharp. All the arrangement was made by the volunteers and club members. Any normal person who came to donate their blood had to fill up a form first and then there were doctors who helped in checking blood pressure as well as the person’s physical fitness. Then only they were allowed to donate their blood.  Lions club of Kathmandu UMANG  helped us in managing foods for the donors. Likewise, the Red cross society helped us by providing  nurses for checking people's health condition and taking blood.


Due to very low response to our form, all the club members were confused if the event will go smooth or not. But all the presence and support of total 70 people was something we didn’t expect. This was a huge turn for the club. More the number of donors, more the environment seemed to be delighted. 


Last but not the least, We would like to thank everyone for their presence and support towards our event. We hope to get such a huge support in upcoming events too.

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