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Talk Program-Manish Modi(CTO janaki Technologies)

Published on: 05 Mar, 2018 by The DeerExpress Club

The DeerExpress Club in collaboration with the Documentary Club organized a talk program with Manish Modi, the cofounder of Sparrow SMS and Khalti App on March 2nd, Friday. In this session , he shared his struggles he faced while on his journey and gave an inspirational talk.

The program started with a warm welcome to Mr. Manish Modi. Mr.Modi started his talk talking about his journey leading him to the development of the Sparrow SMS application , which is now one of the mostly used app in Nepal . 


He talked about all the experiences and the hardships that most of the startups have to go through and gave a viewpoint on how he overcame all of that.

Mr. Modi's suggestion for the students who want to be an entrepreneur was to form a group of people with different abilities. In his view, most of the startups fail because most of them form a group with all the coders as people think coding is only the most important thing and also the thought that one should never give up on their dreams and things only come to those who wish for it.