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Club Special Deertalk Session

Published on: 13 Feb, 2018 by The DeerExpress Club

On the 9th of February the deer express club conducted a one day special extempore session which was dedicated to the clubs of dwit. The member of eah club represent ed their club and talked about the topic chosen. The session was conducted in nepali. The event was hosted by Saurav Adhikari which was started at 10:30 am and witnessed the participants from the batch 2019,2020 and 2021. 

The first participant was Aashish Tamang from Music Club .For the second speaker we had Aishwarya Sapkota representing social service club.Followed by her was Shubham Joshi from Software Club and Shreejan Pandey from Sports Club.

The audience were having good time listening to the participant, The social service warm up the environment by delivering roses to people of their event 'express your feeling with rose. 

Continuing the event our  fifth and  sixth speaker were Giriraj Joshi and Takdir Bartaula representing News Club and Deer Express Club respectively.Followed by them we had Sulav Prasai and Sudarshan Dhakal who represented Documentary club and Literature Society.For the last speaker we had Riwaj Chalise from Hiking Club. 

Standing among the best stood Giriraj Joshi of news club who managed to impress both the jury and the audience as he shared his thoughts regarding being single is best followed by Takdir Bartaula in second position. 

Everybody had a good time and the event turned out to be the entertaining one.