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Open Mic

Published on: 12 Feb, 2018 by The Music Club


On 8th of February the DWIT Music Club had organized open mic program. Open mic is a live show at a coffeehouse, nightclub, comedy club, institution or pub where audience members who are amateur performers or professionals who want to try out new material or plug an upcoming show are given the opportunity to perform onstage.


DWIT open mic was set up on deerwalk canteen area where the club members had beforehand practiced what they had thought of performing in front of the audience. But the whole idea of open mic is encouraging people inside the premises to share the mic. Music club occasionally conducts open mic program at the evening where students enjoy after classes and workers enjoy their evening break.


The club had a list of about eight songs from the members itself. The crowd was welcomed with the song named “Falling in love with you” by the club members, followed by Ramesh with his loved themed song. Aayusha set the crowd with the beat of Havana and strip that down where Aahishma and Aashish were lost so into the “Prayas” song. Bishal had his own playlists where the rest of the girls in the crowds enjoyed the song “Aashma” dedicated to them by Aashish on the mic and keyboard whereas Samrajya on the guitar. And the very own vice president Pallawi made everyone’s jaw drop with her “Wrecking Ball” along with Abhishek on the keyboard.


Our guest performers were Aawaz, Subham and Irish. Three cheers to them for coming out of the crowd into the mic. Our president Alon at the end did a duet with Irish on a song “Nischal” and that was the end of an hour long program.