The Media Club



DWIT Media Club, as the name reflects, involves in making quality videos of events going in and around college. Although initiated with the concept of coming up with monthly News Videos, the club has now taken a leap forward, covering fortnightly News Videos and interesting videos of college festivals and events, social welfare and more. So far we have come up with 48 videos. Check out our Youtube Channel to watch them and understand more about the work we do!

Roles Defined

Media club, at present, has 5 defined roles:

Script Writerswho write script for videos, be it narrative script or news script or others.

News Readerswho read out the script in front of camera (off camera in case of background scripts). Normally, the script readers are the ones to write the script.

Cinematographers, who shoot necessary video clips and pictures. The video clips and pictures are then edited to prepare the final video.

Video Editorswho edit the video clips and pictures shot by the Cinematographer so that those appear in a proper sequence and look good in the final video.

Managers/Promoters, who schedule time for video development, hold meetings with the members, schedule and organize brainstorming sessions, promote Youtube Channel and Videos.

Each individual has a role defined for him/her and works in accordance to it.

Club Vision

The avowed intent the club has for the year 2016 is to come up with Nepali editions of fortnightly news, 2D animation videos and doodles, and many other featured videos. Keep following us via our Facebook Group and Youtube Channel to keep abreast of the activities we opt for. Stay tuned because there is a lot more to come!

The Media Club – 2016/2017

Members (from left to right)
Pemma Tamang, Raman Maharjan, Bashistha Ghimire, Saras Karanjit, Abhishek Khanal, Irish Pokharel (Vice President) , Sajak Baidhya (President)

The Media Club – 2015/2016

Members (from left to right)

Raman Maharjan, Malika Adhikari, Dipal Malla, Anushka Maharjan, Sajak Vaidya (Vice-President), Sumit Shrestha (Mentor), Ruby Shrestha (President), Ankit Karki, Yunis Shakya, Ashmita Ghimire, Shasank Shakya

The Media Club – 2014/2015

Members (from left to right)

Akankshya Updhyay, Ankit Karki, Anushka Maharjan, Shreya Acharya, Sajak Baidhya, Bidish Acharya (President), Sayal Vaidya, Sneha Parajuli (Vice-President), Prasiddha Khadka, Anju Shahi, Ronit Pradhan, Arjan Poudel

The Media Club – 2013/2014

Members (from left to right)

Sneha Parajuli, Neesha Dhungana, Umang Gurung, Kundan Shumsher Rana, Sanjeev Mainali (Vice-President), Sumit Shrestha, Bardan Gurung, Shreha Regmi, Sarthak Khanal, Sunil Lamsal, Ronit Pradhan