The DeerExpress Club


The DeerExpress Club – 2016/2017

Members (from left to right)

Rejal Dhakal (Vice President), Maunta Rani Gautam, Akankshya Upadhyay (President), Aayusha Poudel, Riwaj Chalise, Mandip Prasai

The DeerExpress Club – 2015/2016

Members (from left to right)

Prayush Shrestha (Vice-President), Prakriti Shree Tuladhar, Sunil Lamsal (Mentor), Sabina Shrestha, Iris Raj Pokhrel, Munmun Shrestha, Milan Budathoki  : Absent Barsha Dahal (President)



The DeerExpress Club is a club that facilitates all the students of DWIT to speak in front of mass easily will full confidence and help in personality development. DeerExpress Club will act as a platform where all students get opportunity to express themselves. It acts as showcase for the talent and opinion of the students. Certain events that the DeerExpress Club organizes are:

DeerTalk Seasons:

DeerTalk is the platform provided by the Deer Express for the students. It is composed of seasons, and each season consists of four different sessions; speech, extempore, debate and presentation. But now the club has came up with new decision to add a new session excluding presentation session.

Champion of Champions:

In the Champion of Champions, the winners of DeerTalk seasons are selected to compete against the winners of the DeerTalk program in Deerwalk Services. This is really tough session.

Talk Program By Guest Speakers:

Talk program by the guest speakers is also conducted by the club. The main aim of conducting this event is motivating and inspiring the students.

Deer Chautari Session:

Recently three research program have been held by DeerExpress club in the collabration with the Software club. This was conducted under the Deer Chautari Session .

Every time we cannot meet our expectations and also our audience’s expectation. We face many challenges

Challenges :

Sometime students treat us like we forcefully keep them in the hall and pressurize them to stay quiet. Nobody understands, we are also bounded by certain rules and responsibilities and that is our duty to make the program successful. We have to tell them to stay calm, walking throughout the hall without sitting. We don’t want to be disliked but sometime students throw their frustration. That time I feel like I lost creating the environment I wanted to.

Future Plans :

The club has thought of organizing talent show in near future. We have also thought of doing inter college competition. There is also the plan of bringing the paid guest.

The DeerExpress Club – 2014/2015
Members (from left to right)

Pema Tamang Ghising, Prayush Shrestha, Asmit Prasai, Sunil Shrestha (President), Barsha Dahal (Vice-President), Bardan Gurung, Yunish Shakya, Dipesh Bhandari

Club Vision

The club’s vision is to develop student’s potential in public speaking. DeerTalk session aims at motivating students in their career path by inviting inspiring guests. DeerExpress Season aims at providing student opportunity to express themselves without any hesitation and to build up their confidence.

Club Mission

• To conduct each session with active participation and involvement of all the students.
• To invite guests from different fields so that students get motivated from their speech.

The DeerExpress Club – 2013/2014

Members (from left to right)

Sachin Aryal, Asmit Prasai, Sandesh Sharma (Vice-President), Sudip Adhikari, Rojina Karki, Bidur Bastola