The DWIT Sports Club


Dwit Sports Club


DWIT Sports Club take responsibilities for all the sports activities concerning DWIT. We organize various intra-college activities and we also represent the college for different inter-college activities too. We supply sporting kits to the students. And we also encourage the students to participate in our sport events.

The Sports Club – 2016/2017

Members (from left to right)

Nissan Shrestha, Gaurab Thapa, Biplov Khanal, Sushant Chitrakar (President), Ujjwol Shrestha, Ashim Shrestha (Vice President)
Absentee: Bisal Rawal

The Sports Club – 2015/2016

Members (from left to right)

Sayal vaidya, Gaurab Thapa, Ashim shrestha, Bidur Bastola (President), Sulav Prasain, Ayush Manandhar, Sushant Chitrakar (Vice-President), Partik Budathoki (Mentor), Saroj Shrestha, Muskan Lamsal, Ujwal Shrestha, Shasank Kharel


The Sports Club – 2014/2015

Members (from left to right)

Muskan Lamsal, Bimal Thapa, Bidur Bastola, Sumit Shreshta (President),Prajjwal Sthapit (Vice-President), Sushant Chitrakar, Gaurab Thapa

Club Vision

DWIT Sports Club organizes various intra-college sporting activities. We try our best to give wings to the student’s sporting desire. We encourage female participation in different sport activities too. But in the other hand we also feel that we are lagging a few steps behind regarding inter-college sporting event participation. We hope to change this in near future. And we are also looking forward to organize different Inter-college competition ourselves.

Club Mission

Right now, we are only able to organize the regular sport events. So we plan to step out of this trend and organize all sorts of sporting events. We are looking forward to successfully run DWIT gym too.

The Sports Club – 2013/2014

Members (from left to right)

Neesha Dhunagana, Sanjay Rimal, Sumit Shrestha (Vice-President), Pratik Budhathoki (President), Anil Lama, Prajjwal Sthapit, Anmol Shreshta, Saroj Shrestha, Sneha Parajuli