The Hiking Club



Hike Club is one of the enthusiastic club, formed to organize college hiking events not only to explore places but to explore yourself. Since the establishment of the club, it has been able to provide wonderful hiking experience for students and college staffs. With the advice and suggestions of Mr. Surendra Adhikari, the club is able to successfully conduct many hiking events. Besides hiking, club has been able to conduct cycling, two day hiking and Hiking For Education (HIFE) successfully. Many adventurous activities are more to come.

The Hiking Activities are posted on Everest Uncensored blog. You can visit here Everest Uncensored.

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“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going”

The Hiking Club – 2016/2017

Members (from left to right)

Arika Joshi , Shreeya Regmi, Kriston Pal (Vice President), Prayush Shrestha (President), Ayush Sedai , Aasish KC


The Hiking Club – 2015/2016


Members (from left to right)

Prashant Satyal, Rojina Shrestha (President), Pratyush Nepal, Sanjib Budha (Mentor), Suman Maharjan, Kriston Pal, Arika joshi, Abhisek Khatiwada (Vice-President)


The Hiking Club – 2014/2015


Members (from left to right)

Safal Neupane, Suman Maharjan, Rojina Shrestha (Vice-President), Sanjeev Budha (President), Abhisekh Khatiwada

The Hiking Club – 2013/2014

Members (from left to right)

Ashmita Subedi, Anish Dhakal, Pankaj KC (President), Suman Maharjan (Vice-President), Anil Parajuli, Rojina Shrestha, Alien Khadka