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Date :                           June 9,2015

Topic :                         Running android apps in PC using Genymotion

Time Duration :         60 mins

Venue :                        Nupse Hall

Participants :              Sameer Koirala, Asim Regmi, Saroj Shrestha, Batch of 2018

Report by :                  Asim Regmi

Edited by :                  Deer-Chautari Club

The seventeenth session of Deerchautari was held on 9 June, 2015. On this session, we had discussion on idea of Sushant Chitrakar, student from Batch of 2018 and Praatibh Acharya, student from Batch of 2015. Sameer Koirala gave presentation on installing genymotion and using it to run android apps in pc.

The next session will be held on 16 June 2015

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