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TITLE  E.C.A. Experience Sharing
VENUE The Gandaki Hall
DATE 3rd September, 2015
COORDINATOR The DeerExpress Club
GUESTS RJ Prajwal Khadka
 PHOTOS BY   Barsha Dahal
HOST BY Prayush Shrestha
REPORT BY Barsha Dahal

Every Thurday, our club conducts talk program. People come, share their experiences and light a candle of hope to do something in our life. This time a guest was invited, he came and shared his words with us. But something was different, extremely different and that was the feeling embedded in this person’s speech which eventually could reverse the weak mentality of students.

Prajwol Khadka is RJ in Kantipur FM. He conducts different interesting programs in FM like Jeevan Sathi, Radio Talk, Ke Cha Nepal, I love it I hate it, and many more.On 3rd September, 2015, he was invited at DWIT to share his experiences with the students. The session started with the introduction of the guest speaker, RJ Prajwal Khadka, by Hitesh Karki, Chief Academic Officer. Hitesh Karki said that they were childhood friends.He made the environment humorous by defining RJ as Regular Jadiya and differentiated it from DJ.

His speech was divided into two parts. In first part, he shared his experiences of being the part of a Media team. He said, “Joining the media field was just an accident”.He said this has never been an easy journey for him. He had done a lot of struggle to reach in this phase. He decided to return back to Nepal from U.K and start his journey with the Media team, that was the time when his life was totally changed and he was committed to be the part of media field. Then he shared about the business part wich was equally motivating. He said, “I started my business career through farming.” For him doing different work wasn’t that important in life but doing anything differently mattered the most.

He focused these quotes throughout his speech:

“It does not matter how you are going to do it, but believe that you are going to do it.”

“There is a chance to win until you are on the ground. So, do not lose your hope.”

“The best investment that you made in your life is experience.”

Everyone was so much refreshed after listening his speech. New energy was created within them by hearing this man. Finally,the program ended with RJ Prajwal Khadka taking pictures with our club and some of the students. He was also presented with a Token of Love by the DeerExpress Club Vice President, Barsha Dahal.

Photo: RJ Prajwal Khadka with DeerExpress team members

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