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TITLE  E.C.A. Experience Sharing
VENUE The Gandaki Hall
DATE 20th August, 2015
COORDINATOR The DeerExpress Club
GUESTS Prem Bahadur Bohara
 PHOTOS BY   Dipesh Bhandari
HOST BY Prayush Shrestha
REPORT BY Barsha Dahal

On August 20, the DeerExpress Club conducted a talk program in which Prem Bahadur Bohara shared his experience on how he established a non-profitable organization, Shiksha Nepal. He is an education activist and is the founder & Chief Executive Officer of Shiksha Nepal which is nonprofit organization committed to the children’s education in Nepal aims to ensure an opportunity for every child to see the light of education.

With Founder Of Sikshya Nepal Prem Bahadur Bohara

In this talk program, he talked about how did Shiksha Nepal come into existence and about Shiksha Nepal and the work it has been doing. He shared his story with all the students of second semester. It was an inspiring story which we got to hear there. He had never read a story book until he came to Kathmandu. As he was from Dolpa, he had never seen a library. After visiting American library, he decided to collect such books and distribute to the school he had studied. Then he got request to bring such books from others schools which were near his school. This was how Shiksha Nepal came into existence.

Recently, he is leading a campaign at Shiksha Nepal, ‘a book for every child’ which has a goal to put 1,00,000 children book (children stories with illustrations) in hands of 1,00,000 children in Nepal and ultimately forming small children’s libraries in different schools across Nepal. It has been collecting funds for its campaign by running many mass programs like selling T-shirts, mo:mos and so on.

If you are interested to help Shiksha Nepal, contact them using the contact info on their website! [http://orgs.tigweb.org/shiksha-nepal]

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